Custom tailoring

We are well aware that sometimes even among the huge variety of leotards it is difficult to find the one and only one)))

Therefore, we are tailoring leotards and ball dresses to meet your special inquiries)) as soon as possible! We will do our best to adjust to any budget! Coaches, parents and of course the athletes themselves trust us!!! We also make stage costumes for theater and show business artists.

In our work, we use the most advanced technologies and novelties of the fashion world: computer sketches, superimposing a suit on a customer's photo, computer-generated patterns, and special sports mannequins with size gradation. We take into account your individual measurements and figure features when creating each product. All this allows you to achieve a perfect fit even with remote tailoring!

Our products are sewn only from high-quality fabrics and materials mostly from Italy but not only. We use premium quality rhinestones in our work, and our craftsmen have many years of experience in creating costumes of various complexity. In 2021, our work "Pure Angel" was in the final of the SWAROVSKI competition. We will try to make any of your dreams come true - a full range of tailoring work, from the development of a sketch to the organization of delivery to more than 50 countries! 

To order your unique leotard or dress for performances, you need to contact us by e-mail, phone, WhatsApp, direct Instagram, and tell us your wishes (color combination, presence/absence of skirts, sleeves, etc.). It is advisable to send a photo of the athlete, as well as your music and indicate, if necessary, under which item the leotard will be sewn.

You will also need to send the athlete's measurements. Please look at our page How to take measurements?

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