Public Offer and Privacy Notice

Public offer

Russian Federation, the city of Moscow. August 10, 2021

Terms and definitions

For the purposes of this offer, the following terms are used in the following meanings:

Offer — this document published on the Internet on the website

Information — documents, messages, files provided by the Customer containing data about the Customer's application: measurements, color, design of the selected model, as well as individual wishes for the ordered product or the sample provided, as well as information about the assortment, prices, design, characteristics of services offered, provided by the Contractor and necessary for performing work under this offer agreement.

Acceptance of the Offer — full and unconditional acceptance of the Offer by performing the actions specified in clause 6.1. of the Offer. Acceptance of the Offer by the Customer creates a Contract (Article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation) on the terms of the Offer.

General provisions

1.1. This public offer (hereinafter referred to as the Offer) is an official offer of an individual entrepreneur Mashanskaya Marina Viktorovna OGRNIP 318774600575440, TIN 323507330852, hereinafter referred to as the "Contractor", to any individual, hereinafter referred to as the "Customer" or "Buyer", to conclude a contract with an Individual entrepreneur Mashanskaya Marina Viktorovna for the provision of services for tailoring a garment specified on the Website, hereinafter referred to as "Services", on the terms defined in this Agreement, and contains all the essential conditions Offers.

1.2. Ordering a product posted on the Website means that the Customer agrees to all the terms of this Offer, the Privacy Policy and the User Agreement.

1.3. The Website has the right to make changes to the Offer without notifying the Customer.

1.4. The website provides the Buyer with complete and reliable information about the services, including information about the main consumer properties of the products and the place of their tailoring.

Subject of the offer

2.1. The Contractor undertakes to provide the Customer with tailoring services based on the placed orders during the term of the Agreement.

2.2. The Customer undertakes to accept and pay for the services on the terms of this Offer.

Terms of service provision

3.1. The sewing period is 12-14 days a) from the date of receipt of the order, if it is not necessary to change the sketch or the product pattern on the website, b) from the moment of approval of the sketch. However, the total term, as well as the terms of the service stages, may change individually as the complexity of the order increases.

3.2. An urgent order is executed 7-9 days with an increase in the cost plus 15% to the usual cost of the service.

3.3. An urgent order is executed for 4-5 days with an increase in the cost plus 30% to the usual cost of the service.

3.4. The customer can order tailoring according to an individual sketch. The development of such a sketch is 2000 rubles and includes the development of a computer sketch and patterns for sewing. To make a sketch, the Customer is obliged to provide specific and clear information (color, pattern, show samples, music for the exercise, shape parameters, etc.). After providing the information by the Customer and starting the development of the sketch by the Performer, the Customer has the right to make three major changes to the sketch for free, such as, for example, add a skirt, remove or add a sleeve, etc. All other additional edits cost 200 rubles. Creating a second and subsequent sketch for one client is 1500 rubles.

3.5. In case of refusal to sew after the sketch is completed, the cost of making the sketch is not refunded, the sketch is considered sold to the Customer. The made sketch is the intellectual property of the Performer.

3.6. If the Customer wants the developed sketch not to be published anywhere, and it is not used in the development of such swimsuits, the Customer can contact the Contractor and buy the exclusive rights to the sketch for 10,000 rubles.

3.7. The right of ownership of the ordered products passes to the Buyer from the moment of payment of the full cost of services and the actual transfer of the product to the Buyer. The risk of accidental death or damage to the product passes to the Buyer from the moment of the actual transfer of the product to the Buyer.

Rights and obligations of the parties

4.1. The Contractor undertakes to:

4.1.1. To provide services in proper quality and within the terms agreed with the Customer.

4.1.2. Fulfill the terms of the agreement.

4.1.3. In the event of the Customer's early refusal to perform the Contract on the grounds provided for in the Offer, to return to the Customer, at his written request, the amount of the prepayment minus the cost of the services actually rendered by the Contractor at the time of termination of the Contract. The refund is made within ten working days from the date of termination of the Contract.

4.2. The Contractor has the right to:

4.2.1. Temporarily suspend the provision of services to the Customer under the Contract for technical, technological or other reasons that prevent the provision of services, for the time of elimination of such reasons.

4.2.2.Change the cost and terms of the service at its own discretion. The new cost does not apply to already paid services.

4.2.3. To demand from the Customer timely and full payment for the services provided by the Contractor in accordance with this Agreement;

4.2.4. The Contractor has the right to suspend the provision of services to the Customer in case of late or incomplete payment of the order until the Customer fully repays the resulting debt.

4.2.5. Involve third parties in the execution of the Contract, remaining responsible to the Customer.

4.3. The Customer undertakes to:

4.3.1. Before performing actions aimed at concluding the Contract, familiarize yourself with the content and terms of this contract of the public offer, prices and conditions located on the Contractor's website.

4.3.2. Pay for the Contractor's services in accordance with the terms of the Offer.

4.3.3. Comply with the terms of this Agreement.

4.3.4. Provide the Contractor with the information requested by him for the performance of the service before and during the performance of the service. In case of late provision of information or provision of it not in writing, printed, or in the form of files, the risk of negative consequences lies with the Customer.

4.3.5. At the request of the Contractor, coordinate with the Contractor the material, accessories of the product, as well as any other data necessary for the implementation of the service under the specific parameters of the Customer.

4.3.6. Accept the services provided by the Contractor.

4.4. The Customer has the right to:

4.4.1. The Customer has the right to refuse to pay for work or services not provided for in the contract.

Cost of services and payment procedure

5.1. The price of services, as well as other necessary conditions of the Offer are determined on the basis of the information provided by the Buyer when placing the order.

5.2. After providing the necessary information, forming an application and determining the final cost of services, the Customer pays 2000 rubles for the service of booking the sewing date.

5.3. From the moment the Customer approves the sketch for sewing, or provides a sample, the Customer is obliged to pay 50% of the cost of the product no later than the next working day after confirming the sketch. The Customer pays the remaining 50% of the cost of the work no later than the last working day of the end of the agreed sewing period.

5.4. If the Customer refuses to sew for personal reasons, the payment for the service of booking the sewing date in the amount of the prepayment made will not be refunded.

5.5. The contractor provides the need for the necessary materials, fabrics and accessories to perform the services.

5.6. Payment for Services is made by the Customer in the order of advance payment.

5.7. The price of services is indicated in rubles of the Russian Federation. All payments under the Contract are made in Russian rubles by the methods specified on the Website in the section-Payment.

Acceptance of the offer and conclusion of the contract

6.1. The acceptance of this Offer (contract) is the execution by the Buyer of an order for the service on the website in accordance with the terms of this Offer.

6.2. By accepting this Offer, the Buyer agrees that:

- the registration data (including personal data) is provided by him voluntarily;

- registration data (including personal data) is transmitted in electronic form via the communication channels of the Internet network";

- registration data (including personal data) is transferred to the Site for the implementation of the purposes specified in this Offer, the Privacy Policy, the User Agreement and may be transferred to third parties for the implementation of the purposes specified in this Offer;

- registration data (including personal data) can be used by the Site for the purpose of promoting goods and services, by making direct contacts with the Buyer using communication channels;

-for the purpose of additional protection against fraudulent actions, the registration data specified by the Buyer (including personal data) may be transferred to the bank that performs transactions for the payment of completed orders;

-the consent given by the Buyer to the processing of his registration data (including personal data) is indefinite and can be revoked by the Buyer or his legal representative by submitting a written application submitted to the Site.

Validity period and amendment of the terms of the offer

7.1. This Offer comes into force from the moment of its publication, and is valid until the moment of withdrawal by the Contractor.

Validity period and amendment of the agreement

8.1. The Contract may terminate prematurely in cases of non-payment of the completed order by the Customer within the terms established by the Contract or if the Customer refuses the tailoring service after receiving the sketch.


9.1. Delivery of products to the Buyer is carried out within the terms agreed by the Parties when confirming the order by an employee of the Site.

9.2. When delivering products by courier, the Customer puts his signature in the delivery register opposite those items of products that the Buyer ordered and purchased. This signature serves as a confirmation that the Buyer has received the product and has no complaints about the complete set of products, the number and appearance of products.

Return of the product.

10.1. The return of the goods is carried out in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation "On Consumer Rights Protection".

10.2. The refund of funds is carried out by returning the cost of the paid goods to a bank card or by bank transfer.

10.3. Improper quality is the non-compliance of the sewn product with the individual standards provided by the Customer when placing the order.

10.4. The goods of improper quality due to the fault of the Contractor may be corrected within the time period agreed by the parties by the forces and at the expense of the Contractor.

10.5. If the services are provided according to an individual sketch and individual measurements on the basis of Article 26.1 of the Law of the Russian Federation of 07.02.1992 No. 2300-1 On Consumer Rights Protection, the Customer does not have the right to refuse the goods of proper quality.


11.1.The Parties are liable for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of their obligations under the Agreement in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

11.2. The Contractor is not responsible for the improper use of the products by the Customer.

11.3. The total liability of the Contractor under the Agreement is limited to the amount of the payment paid to the Contractor by the Customer under the Agreement.

11.4. The Customer and the Contractor are released from liability for violation of the terms of the Agreement if such violation is caused by force majeure (force majeure), including: actions of state authorities (including the adoption of legal acts), fire, flood, earthquake, other natural disasters, lack of electricity and / or computer network failures, strikes, civil unrest, riots, any other circumstances, not limited to the above, which may affect the execution of the Contract by the Contractor.

11.5. The Contractor is not responsible for the non-compliance of the provided service with the Customer's expectations and/or for his subjective assessment, such non-compliance with expectations and/or a negative subjective assessment are not grounds for considering the tailoring services not provided qualitatively, or not to the agreed extent.

Other conditions

12.1. The Website and the services provided may be temporarily partially or completely unavailable due to preventive or other work, or for any other technical reasons. The technical service of the Site has the right to periodically carry out the necessary preventive or other work with or without prior notification of Buyers.

12.3. The images and photos presented on the Website are for reference purposes and cannot fully convey reliable information about the properties and characteristics of the finished product as a result of the service provided, including color, size, design, shape.

12.4. The color and shade of the real product may differ slightly from the color and shade of the sample and from the color and shade of the sample on the Website transmitted on the screen by the Customer's technical device. The customer agrees that a slight discrepancy in colors, as well as not an absolute similarity with the sketch or sample, does not mean that the goods were sent by mistake or the result of a defect.

Site details

IP Mashanskaya Marina Viktorovna, OGRNIP 318774600575440, TIN 323507330852.


Privacy Notice


This document " Privacy Policy "(hereinafter referred to as the "Policy") is the rules for using the site (IP Mashanskaya M. V.), (hereinafter referred to as the Operator) the User's personal information that the Operator, including all persons belonging to the same group with the Operator, can receive about the User during the use of any of the Operator's sites, services, services, programs, products or services (hereinafter referred to as the Site) and during the execution by the Operator of any agreements and contracts with the User. The User's consent to the Policy, expressed by him within the framework of relations with one of the listed persons, applies to all other listed persons.

Using the Site means the User's unconditional consent to this Policy and the conditions for processing his personal information specified therein; in case of disagreement with these conditions, the User must refrain from using the Site.

General provisions of the policy

1.1. This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Public Offer (hereinafter referred to as the "Offer"), posted and / or available on the Internet at:, as well as other contracts concluded with the User, when this is directly provided for by their terms.

1.2. This Policy is drawn up in accordance with the Federal Law "On Personal Data" No. 152-FZ of July 27, 2006, as well as other regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation in the field of personal data protection and processing and applies to all personal data that the Operator can receive from the User who is a party to a civil contract.

1.3. The Operator has the right to make changes to this Policy. When making changes, the date of the last revision update is indicated in the Policy header. The new version of the Policy comes into force from the moment it is posted on the website, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Policy.

1.4.The legislation of the Russian Federation is subject to application to this Policy, including the interpretation of its provisions and the procedure for adoption, execution, modification and termination.

Personal information of Users processed by the Website

2.1. Personal information in this Policy means:

2.1.1. Information provided by the User independently when registering (creating an account) or during the use of the Site, including the User's personal data. The information required to be provided by the Site is marked in a special way. Other information is provided by the User at his discretion;

2.1.2. Data that is transmitted automatically to the Site during their use using the software installed on the User's device, including the IP address, cookie data, information about the User's browser (or other program that accesses the Site), technical characteristics of the equipment and software used by the User, the date and time of access to the Site, the addresses of the requested pages and other similar information;

2.1.3. Other information about the User, the processing of which is provided for by the terms of use of the Site.

2.2. This Policy applies only to information processed during the use of the Site. The Site does not control and is not responsible for the processing of information by third-party sites to which the User can click on the links available on the Site.

2.3. The Site does not verify the accuracy of the personal information provided by the User, and does not have the ability to assess his legal capacity.

Purposes of processing Users ' personal information

3.1. The Website collects and stores only the personal information that is necessary for the provision of services or the execution of agreements and contracts with the User, except in cases where the legislation provides for the mandatory storage of personal information for a period specified by law.

3.2. The Website processes the User's Personal Information for the following purposes:

3.2.1. Identification of the party within the framework of the services, agreements and contracts with the Site;

3.2.2. Provision of personalized services and services to the User, as well as the execution of agreements and contracts;

3.2.3. Sending notifications, requests and information related to the use of the Site, the execution of agreements and contracts, as well as processing requests and requests from the User;

3.2.4. Improving the quality of the Site, the convenience of its use for the User, the development of new services and services;

3.2.5. Targeting of advertising materials;

3.2.6. Conducting statistical and other research based on depersonalized data.

Terms of processing of Users ' personal information and its transfer to third parties

4.1. With respect to the User's personal information, its confidentiality is maintained, except in cases where the User voluntarily provides information about himself for general access to an unlimited number of persons.

4.2. The Website has the right to transfer the User's personal information to third parties in the following cases:

4.3.1. The User has agreed to such actions;

4.3.2. The transfer is necessary for the User to use a certain service or for the execution of a certain agreement or contract with the User;

4.3.3. The transfer is necessary for the functioning and operability of the Site itself;

4.3.4. The transfer is provided for by Russian or other applicable legislation within the framework of the procedure established by law;

4.3.5. Such transfer takes place as part of the sale or other transfer of the business (in whole or in part), while the acquirer assumes all obligations to comply with the terms of this Policy in relation to the personal information received by him;

4.3.6. In order to ensure the possibility of protecting the rights and legitimate interests of the Site or third parties in cases when the User violates the User Agreement of the Site, this Policy, or documents containing the terms of use of specific services.

4.3.7. As a result of processing the User's personal information by depersonalizing it, depersonalized statistical data is obtained, which are transferred to a third party for conducting research, performing work or providing services on behalf of the Site.

Changing and deleting personal information. Mandatory data storage

5.1. The User can change (update, supplement) the personal information provided by him or part of it at any time by contacting the Site using the contacts in section 9. "Contacts".

5.2. The rights provided for in clause 5.1. of this Policy may be restricted in accordance with the requirements of the legislation. For example, such restrictions may provide for the obligation of the Site to save the information changed or deleted by the User for the period established by law, and to transfer such information in accordance with the legally established procedure to a state body.

Processing of personal information using cookies and counters

6.1. Cookies transmitted by the Site to the User's equipment and the User's equipment to the Site can be used by the Site to provide the User with personalized services, to target advertising that is shown to the User, for statistical and research purposes, as well as to improve the Site.

6.2. The User is aware that the equipment and software used by him to visit sites on the Internet may have the function of prohibiting operations with cookies (for any sites or for certain sites), as well as deleting previously received cookies.

6.3. Yandex has the right to establish that the provision of a certain service or service is possible only if the acceptance and receipt of cookies are allowed by the User.

6.4. The structure of the cookie file, its content and technical parameters are determined by the Website and may change without prior notice to the User.

6.5. The counters placed by the Site can be used to analyze the User's cookies, to collect and process statistical information about the use of the Site, as well as to ensure the performance of the Site as a whole or their individual functions in particular. The technical parameters of the counters are determined by the Site and may change without prior notice to the User.

Protection of the User's personal information

7.1. The Website takes the necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures to protect the User's personal information from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other illegal actions with it by third parties.

Changing the Privacy Policy

8.1. The Website has the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy. When making changes in the current version, the date of the last update is indicated. The new version of the Policy comes into force from the moment of its publication, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Policy. The current version is always available on the page at

Contacts and questions about personal data

9.1. The User has the right to send all suggestions, questions, requests and other requests regarding this Policy and the use of his personal data to the Site:

by email address:

at the postal address: 125167, Moscow, Leningradsky Prospekt str., 37B, START shopping center, 2nd floor, shop 37A.

Date of publication: 10.08.2021

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