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Behind every talented athlete there is always a strong mother (grandmother, father), who support and encourage in difficult moments. Which motivate not to quit training halfway. Who inspire new heights when it becomes unbearable, who sacrifice their interests for the good of the child.

We know that it is very difficult to achieve results without the love, participation and insight of loved ones… We know how important it is for an athlete to feel confident in competitions. However, we are also sure that in order to get good points in the performance, it is important not only to correctly perform a set of complex sports elements, but also to create a special, original image. An image that will emphasize the elegance of the athlete, which will increase his self-confidence. The image that from the first seconds of the performance will spark real interest among the judges and the audience and will allow scoring the maximum number of points.

Of course, the image must fully comply with sports norms and standards. This includes neat makeup and the right hairstyle, hair accessories, that will harmoniously fit into the image, will not interfere during the performance and will be highly appreciated by the judges. And, of course, a leotard! It should be as comfortable as possible, sewn accordingly to all sports norms and rules and, of course, should emphasize all the advantages of a gymnast and fully correspond to the chosen image.

PAVESA company constantly monitors all fashion trends in sports, strictly adheres to all innovations and rules in the tailoring of leotards and costumes for performances. Therefore, when buying PAVESA Leotards and Dresses, you can be sure of the right choice!

Almost ten years by now, coaches of artistic\sports\aesthetic gymnastics, figure skating, synchronized swimming and ballroom dancing trust us for the correct aesthetics, perfect fit and compliance of PAVESA products with international standards.

Parents of athletes choose us and recommend us to their friends for a wide assortment, courteous service, efficiency in fulfilling orders and adequate pricing policy.

We are very proud of and pleased that athletes love us for the comfort and beauty in each of our products!

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